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Herbal Tea for Stress - The Perfect Natural Remedy

When you experience a lot of anxiety on a regular basis, herbal tea for stress is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Herbal tea is a great natural remedy when you feel out of sorts, get headaches from tension, or have a lot of pressure in your job. All of these things can lead to other problems including disruption of normal sleep patterns. Even having one cup of coffee in mid-afternoon can cause you to stay awake at night. Herbal teas are perfect because they can be sweetened naturally with honey rather than refined sugar. However, some people prefer to drink them without sweetener.

Another good advantage of drinking herbal tea for stress is that the teas have very few calories and are fat free. When you want to drink herbal tea for stress and to help you sleep through the night, you should drink the tea about a half an hour before you plan to go to bed. This gives your mind and body sufficient time to relax before you retire. Herbs that are among the ingredients in herbal teas that help with stress problems are lemon balm, lemon grass, Arabian jasmine, borage, and hops.

When you are brewing herbal tea for stress, take the time to enjoy the preparation. This in itself is relaxing. Use a glass or enamel pan to boil the water in. When your tea is ready, serve it from a teapot in mugs or cups. By sitting down and enjoying a cup of herbal tea before your regular time to go to sleep, you are relaxing and not worrying about the day’s events. It’s a good idea to learn about the various combinations of herbs that are used in natural teas so you can find several that suit you. You can choose teas that are made especially for certain kinds of stress.

Herbal tea for stress that’s especially beneficial for anyone who has sleep problems due to stress at work or home, can get more restful sleep by drinking tea that contains valerian, which is known to promote restful sleep. Ginseng is also very good for relieving stress and helping you to have uninterrupted sleep because of its soothing quality and ability to work quickly. You can buy caffeine free teas and add your own combination of herbs to blend a tea that will relax and calm you.

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